Meet the Hubs

The Data-Driven Innovation initiative has helped establish six hubs at the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University – creating a regional power-house for collaboration with industry partners. The hubs house expertise and facilities to help 10 industrial sectors become more innovative through data.

The Bayes Centre

The Bayes Centre is the University of Edinburgh’s innovation hub for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. It facilitates data-driven innovation by partnering with a wide range of private and public organisations. The Bayes Centre focuses on applying University of Edinburgh's academic excellence in maths, computing, engineering and natural sciences, to digital technology, robotics and autonomous systems, space and satellites, in order to positively impact lives.

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Edinburgh Futures Institute

The Edinburgh Futures Institute is focused on tackling today’s increasingly complex issues by bringing people and disciplines together to spark the unexpected and make better futures possible. The Futures Institute connects and collaborates across sectors like fintech, creative industries, public services and tourism. By creating new environments for data-rich learning, teaching, research and innovation, side-by-side with communities, organisations, businesses and industry. From startups to commercial enterprises, from charities and community groups to government bodies, their challenge-led, interdisciplinary, data-driven, co-creative approach lies at the heart of everything they do.

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Easter Bush Agritech Hub

Located at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies’ Easter Bush Campus, the Agritech Hub is a dynamic and vibrant innovation environment. World-class facilities equipped with the latest technologies support Europe’s largest concentration of animal science research experts and clinicians, as well as co-located industrial partners in our custom-built Innovation Centre. Its campus-wide network generates and collates, in real time, a multitude of local and global data, (e.g. veterinary activities, animal genetics, food species genetics, soil condition, weather and market drivers). In collaboration with partners this information can be used to realise the potential of having the right food species, and the right products, in the right field at the right time, to maximise agricultural productivity.

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Usher Institute Health and Social Care Data-Driven Innovation Hub

The Usher Institute works with people, populations and their data to understand and advance the health of individuals and populations through innovative collaborations in a global community. The Usher Institute Health and Social Care Data-Driven Innovation Hub supports the use of data and digital technologies by integrating the activities of clinicians, life scientists and data scientists to improve outcomes for patients and encourage the adoption of those with the greatest potential to transform health and social care.

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National Robotarium

The National Robotarium is a world-leading centre in robotics and AI, based at Heriot-Watt University. It creates innovative solutions to global challenges, working directly with industry to research, test and develop robotic, AI and automated technologies that have a positive impact on the economy and society. The National Robotarium uses AI and robotics to help make us safer, healthier, and more productive. Through its globally significant work, the National Robotarium develops talent and shapes the future, having a positive impact on the economy and society.

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Edinburgh International Data Facility

The Edinburgh International Data Facility (EIDF) provides the enabling data infrastructure platform for the wider DDI initiative and its hubs. EIDF is a large data and computer facility optimised for data analytics and data science. Businesses, universities and public sector organisations make use of EIDF to undertake data-driven R&D. EPCC develops and manages the EIDF services provided and offers consultancy to help organisations make best use of these services.

The Trusted Research Environment is a highly secure data and computer environment where de-identified sensitive data is made available for analysis. EPCC manages the Trusted Research Environment and helps organisations create and manage their Safe Haven Services within it. Organisations can run their own Safe Haven Service to provide access to sensitive data or work with an existing Safe Haven Service owner to get access to these data. EPCC's Trusted Research Environment hosts the Scottish National Safe Haven.

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