DDE Innovation Seed Fund

What is it?

The University of Edinburgh has launched an initiative to support University-led digital or data-driven companies and advance social and economic recovery from Covid-19. Delivered by Edinburgh Innovations’ Investment Management team, the fund is designed to overcome the challenge faced by many young companies - refining their idea and winning early investment.

As securing funding becomes increasingly difficult in the midst of a global health and economic crisis, the DDE Innovation Seed Fund will make targeted investments (up to £15k) - in return for equity - into companies with a data or digital focus to fill a gap for small lead investments at such an early but critical stage. This funding can support you in developing your technology or prototype, validating your idea with a customer, or making early commercial progress. Our funding is specifically designed to allow you to make early traction and to demonstrate confidence in your business model.

The awards will be made via a simple agreement which will see our investment convert into equity (shares) on the terms set by your next funding round or an exit event. Such agreements are commonly used at pre-seed stages as they are simple, fast and avoid the expense and complications of formal, priced funding rounds. The full legal documentation (a draft offer letter and a schedule of terms and conditions) is available here, along with a supporting FAQ document here.

Let the DDE Innovation Seed Fund help you connect your ideas to the world and watch your business thrive.

Who can apply?

You can apply for the DDE Innovation Seed Fund if you are associated with the University of Edinburgh and the founder of a company with both high-growth potential and a data or digital focus. You also must have raised less than £250K of investment since being founded. Applications from those also seeking to address challenges associated with Covid-19 are particularly welcome.

You should be able to commit sufficient time to develop your business in line with your business plan.

Applications are closed.

Why should you apply?

The DDE Seed Fund offers a whole range of exciting benefits for digital and data focussed entrepreneurs and companies!

Successful applicants will have access to:

  • Financial support at an early but key stage of company development
  • Investment which can be used flexibly to accelerate your company’s growth
  • Investments which will be made via a simple agreement designed to convert into equity on the terms of a future funding round
  • The support of the Edinburgh Innovations’ Investment Management team who are experienced at helping fund early-stage companies
  • Investor feedback as well as the expertise of Edinburgh Innovations’ advisors and business networks
  • Increased credibility for and confidence in your business
  • Early stage investment and associated assessment that will add credibility to your business

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