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We spoke to founder, Stuart Hannah about the company’s next steps and how the AI Accelerator and her involvement with the DDE Programme and University of Edinburgh has helped Microplate DX achieve major milestones.

Stuart Hannah
Health Tech
Rapid diagnostic tests to ensure patients are prescribed optimal antibiotics to reduce resistance
AI Accelerator
March 2022 - September 2023
The AI Accelerator programme has been transformational for me personally, and for Microplate Dx. It has proven unique in terms of its impact connecting us with key investors, and providing us with clear guidance and mentoring to help develop the business”

What led you to set up Microplate DX?

After my PhD, I spent 18 months in France working on flexible sensors which became biomedical in application, and then moved to the University of Strathclyde where I worked on biosensor projects. My focus became antimicrobial resistance (AMR) where we realised we needed faster, more accessible results to inform good clinical practice.

What real world challenge do you want to address?

AMR is essentially a silent pandemic. There's a trade off between treating today’s patients quickly and looking after the existing antibiotics to ensure we can still treat people in years to come. That’s the real challenge for us.

What role does data play in Microplate Dx?

We’re using data to influence and enhance our core proposition with diagnostics. The more data we collate, the easier it is to identify trends – for instance, resistance to certain antibiotics. That’s always been a key aspect of what we do and how we work with policy and decision makers to inform antibiotic prescribing policies.

What motivates you as an entrepreneur?

It's always been about patient benefit for me. In healthcare we've got a unique advantage, where we can see our work translated into outcomes in real time. We've involved patients from day one and we are always aiming to improve their quality of care and reduce health complications.

What success have you seen so far?

We’ve had a number of successes on this journey. We've won three awards, which is just incredible. The recognition of the work we've done, including being part of the AI Accelerator, is great. In December 2022 we picked up the top prize at Scottish Edge and in March 2023 we won the Innovation Healthcare Technology category at the Scottish Life Science Awards, which is very humbling.

We’re Glasgow-based but have real global ambitions. We joined the AI Accelerator to make connections outside of Glasgow and become part of the wider Scottish ecosystem.”

What role has the University of Edinburgh AI Accelerator played in your entrepreneurial journey?

Working with the AI Accelerator has been absolutely fantastic. It cemented our value proposition and taught us how to pitch and increase our sales. We’ve also been able to connect with other companies in our cohort and make some great international connections, which has allowed us to focus more on developing how we use AI and data.

What was the draw of the University of Edinburgh?

The University of Edinburgh has a world-class reputation, and is particularly strong from a data science angle. They also have top academics, whose expertise we've been able to tap into because of the AI Accelerator programme, which has been incredibly beneficial.

What is next for Microplate Dx?

We’re focused on fundraising at the moment which will be transformational once it has concluded. We are aiming to scale up the team too. Overall we're looking to grow in all areas of the business from management right through to research and development.

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