Fast Track Executive Directors

What is it?

This is a unique opportunity for academics to develop or grow a company at speed and to respond to increasing innovation demand post-Covid in a way that benefits your research, the University of Edinburgh and wider society.

Never before has Edinburgh Innovations been able to offer this level of dedicated support and funding (provided through our Data-Driven Innovation Programme and Scottish Funding Council) to pay for commercial expertise that is expertly matched with your needs.

Who should apply?

Committing as little as one day a week, this programme will give you the opportunity to form or grow a company in just 6 months, a process that would normally take up to 2 years.

The Fast Track Executive Director Programme offers an exciting range of benefits:

- You will be allocated your own commercial champion (Executive Director) who will work with you to drive your business forward over the next 6 months

- You will be matched with an experienced entrepreneur who is the best fit for your company, with domain industry knowledge and contacts in your specific sector

- You will also be assigned a project manager to act as a dedicated point of contact and to provide hands on support throughout the lifetime of your project

- You will have a unique opportunity to ‘fast track’ – meaning we will support you with recruitment, advise on pre-seed finance and identify the areas of your business plan that need attention

- We will help you validate and scope your commercial opportunity to develop it into an ‘investor ready’ business plan

Who can apply?

Applications for this opportunity will be assessed on a case by case basis. The most promising projects will be allocated funding for their commercial champion. You are eligible for this opportunity if you:

- Have developed unique research, technology or techniques owned by you or the University

- Have IP that has been ‘protected’

- Have a business idea with a data-driven application or technology

- Are an individual who is a member of University of Edinburgh staff - or you are part of a small team that includes at least one member of University staff and students

- Want us to help you grow your company, whether it has already been formed or not

Register your interest

Fast Track is currently closed. If you are interested in finding out when the next round of applications are open please get in touch below.

Email DDE